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Aquatic Control by Coastal Spray

Coastal Spray Company provides over 20 years of aquatic vegetation control and chemical control maintenance programs experience. We have licensed applicators and state-of-the-art equipment to control unwanted aquatic pests, native and non-native invasive species, that may be harmful to the environment. Areas of aquatic control include most bodies of water such as ponds, waterways, bayous, rivers and lakes.

Aquatic Control Programs Houston, TX

Aquatic Spray Equipment

Air Boats – Used in areas that conventional propeller driven craft are unable to navigate and are equipped with two long throw-type spray guns, booms, and sub-surface extrusion tubes. Target pests include giant salvinia, water hyacinth, alligator weed, and water lettuce.

High Volume Spray Trucks – Used to spray ditch banks, shorelines, boat landings, and piers to target pests including cattails, water hyacinth and duck weed.

Log Skidder – Used in wetland areas that most conventional water craft are unable to reach. All are four-wheel drive and are mounted with spray booms, spray guns, and RADIARC® sprayers. Target pests are willow trees, cattails, ceana bean trees and salt cedar.

Flat Bottom Boats with Propeller Driven-Engines – Used where the target vegetation will not impede propeller-driven equipment and can apply above the surface type herbicides via spray guns, broadcast pellets and sub-surface extrusion tubes. Target pests include pondweed, coontail, hydrilla, and watermilfoil.

Lake and Pond Treatment

Coastal Spray’s aquatic program manages your pond or lake through treatments of aquatic herbicides, algaecides, pond dyes, etc. We also offer eco-friendly treatments of beneficial bacteria, copper free algaecides, etc.

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