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Coastal Spray is fully committed to safety and quality, while providing dependable service to our valued customers. This commitment is the basic philosophy of our entire organization and is reflected in the standard and corporate policies that continually promote performance excellence in all phases of our operations.

At Coastal Spray, safety is regarded as a fundamental value of the organization and without exception, is every individual’s responsibility at every level of the organization. Stating with the company’s President to the Certified Occupational Manager to the Operations Managers and on down to the employees. The Safety Vision Statement that helps drive this home is: Coastal Spray will continually provide all the processes, all the tools, and the resources to ensure an injury-free and safe work environment.

Coastal Spray is currently a member of the following safety compliance consortiums: ISNetworld, PICS, PEC Premier, DISA, National Safety Council & Houston XNET.

Safety Regulations

Coastal Spray intends to comply with all applicable safety regulations and expects the same from its employees. Coastal Spray also expects its employees to be rested, sober, substance-free, and emotionally ready to make the correct decisions regarding job tasks and safety. All employees are responsible for informing their supervisor if for any reason they are unfit for duty. Every employee will be expected to maintain safe work habits, safe work conditions, keeping equipment and tools in safe operating conditions, and behavior that reflects compliance with the intent of this statement.

Accident prevention is the responsibility of all employees. Preventing accidents shall be a primary consideration in all phases of our operations and administration. All supervisors must make safety a part of their management duties. Each employee must accept and follow all established safety, loss control, and risk management regulations and procedures.

Training and Teamwork

Coastal Spray believes that safety starts with proper training. That is why we provide the training that is necessary to make all of our employees successful. We provide our employees with the following training, whether in-house or through a third party: OQ, OSHA 10 General, CPR, First Aid, AED, harness and aerial lift training, supervisor training and behavior-based safety training, just to name a few.

Safety and health will only be achieved through continuous teamwork. Every employee of Coastal Spray must join together in promoting safety and health and taking every reasonable measure to assure safe working conditions wherever Coastal Spray may be performing services.

Safety Performance

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Current EMR is .72