Best Practices for Pest-Proofing Your Construction Site

pest control for new construction

A construction site provides everything a critter could possibly dream of, like the perfect hiding places and the promise of food or materials to make a nest.

While a business owner or homeowner is right to be concerned about a pest infestation, construction site managers should take the same precautions.

An infestation can jeopardize an entire project, driving up costs dramatically. At the very least, an infestation can cause delays, cutting into your profits in addition to causing a major headache.

If you’re looking for some professional guidance on pest control in building construction, we’ve compiled some tips from our experts. Read on to learn how to implement effective commercial pest control for all of your work sites!

How Can Pests Affect Your Construction Site?

Pests can wreak all kinds of havoc on a construction site, costing time, money, and resources. They can destroy structures, contaminate valuable materials, cause sickness and injury to staff, and even invite lawsuits if the infestation gets bad enough.

It can be a struggle to get a grip on pest problems with all of the moving parts in a construction area. That’s why your best solution will always be prevention, AKA proactive pest control.

5 Pest Control Tips for Construction Sites

We’re firm believers that pest control in building construction needs to be taken seriously. It might seem like a small portion of your already vast workload, but consider that dealing with an infestation will take over your entire schedule!

If you’re a site manager who’s ready to take back control of your pest problem, we’re here to help with our curated tips and tricks about pest control for new construction!

1. Know the Signs of an Infestation

Take notice of what’s happening on your construction site. Once you’re aware of the infestation, you’ll know better how to proceed.

Check for damage to wood from termites or feces left by rodents. Check insulation for any nests and wires for any bite mark damage. Things like bird nests are usually pretty obvious and found in attics or on scaffolding.

pest control in building construction

2. Keep Your Site Clean

Construction is a dirty job, so it’s a tall order to keep the area nice and tidy. But the more effort you and the workers put into this, the less likely you will be to find unsavory visitors like rats. You’ll want to dispose of trash properly and have any dust or debris cleared before the workday is done. Keep materials like insulation or electrical wiring sealed so rodents can’t get to them.

3. Get Rid of Water Sources

Water is the source of all life, including pests that can ruin your construction site.

If you can’t get rid of a water source, or if you’re working around one, keep any equipment or valuable materials away from the water to make it harder for critters to access. Most pests thrive in damp environments, so keeping water out of the equation further reduces your risk.

4. Inspect Incoming Materials

There’s always a slim chance that pests will hitch a ride on materials from suppliers, no matter how much you trust their vetting and inspection process.

Especially with raw materials like lumber, you’ll want to have someone to double-check for termites or the like to keep the project safe from any unwanted intruders.

5. Call a Professional When You Need Help

Pests are crafty. Even when you try your best, they may still find a way to slip through the cracks. And as a professional yourself, we know you value the input of a team of experts.

Coastal Spray’s team can help oversee and implement a thorough construction pest control program to keep you on track and under budget, no matter where you are in the construction process.

Coastal Spray’s Pest Management and Prevention Programs

Now that you’re savvy about the power of commercial pest control for your construction site, we’re here to offer some help. With everything you have to take care of daily, you understand the value of delegating such important work to specialists.

We’re ready to get any pest problem under control or help you figure out how to protect your site from any possible infestations. Contact Coastal Spray today so we can help your business thrive.