Chemical Side Trimming: Is it right for you?

The challenges to property and vegetation managers can often seem endless. Unwanted trees certainly add to the headaches when not treated properly. Tree limbs can affect power lines, roadside access, right-of-way, safety, and visibility. Of course, untrimmed trees may also be a sore sight decreasing the overall value of a business or location.

Routine maintenance is important and chemical side trimming may be an option for you. If you have a trees growing out of control in and around your property they can pose unseen threats to your buildings, property, and power lines.

Safety and access are the bedrock of your labor force. And as we work to ensure the access you need is managed, we look at mechanical cutting, tree removal, and chemical side trimming as part of those options.

Mechanical trimming is a great option for many applications where access to the vegetation is abundant. Our trained professionals are able to get in with surgical precision and clear away tree limbs and other vegetation.

Chemical Side Trimming

We’re finding that more of our customers are asking about chemical side trimming. They want to know what it is and why they should consider chemical side trimming as an alternative to mechanical side trimming.

With chemical side trimming herbicides are used as an alternative to mechanical cutting and can help to control the growth of portions of tree limbs. Certified technicians are able to to effectively “prune back” tree limbs using herbicides while not controlling the whole tree.

Living Trees – Better Aesthetics

When unwanted or overgrown trees begin to pose a threat to power lines the “solution” is often to cut the tree down. Sometimes this is the correct solution and sometimes it’s not. Trees provide many benefits to businesses, neighborhoods, and roads by providing a variety of aesthetic values including screening, noise abatement, reduction of pollution, and mitigation of
temperature extremes.

Chemical side trimming is a great alternative to tree cutting because it keeps the tree alive, healthy, and will often end up being more aesthetically pleasing. We only remove the problem areas of the vegetation that affects your rights-of-way.

There are several factors that are taken into consideration when choosing chemical side trimming as an option:

  • Chemical side trimming uses less tools which can increase worker safety.
  • There is added flexibility and maneuverability for tighter areas of work where equipment may not have access.
  • It keeps trees alive and aesthetically pleasing.

Chemical side trimming is a great fit for maintaining clear and accessible utility rights-of-way but it’s not for every situation.

Brownout happens. Be prepared and educate those whom it affects. We work hard to ensure minimum brownout when we apply herbicides for pruning purposes. Working during winter, or the dormant season, does minimize brownouts because less leaves are present and we’re able to apply the herbicide directly to the limbs and hard wood.

Give us a call and we can help you decide if chemical side trimming is right for you.