Commercial Pest Control Services: Everything You Need to Know

Pests can be a problem for businesses. Whether it’s insects, rodents, birds, or other wildlife, you don’t want them in the building. Contacting commercial pest control services is an effective solution to resolve or prevent a problem.

Ready to learn how commercial pest control companies can benefit your business? Keep reading to find out why they are worth the investment.

What Types of Commercial Businesses Benefit from Pest Control?

Commercial businesses come in all sizes, from multi-structure warehouses to family-owned and managed operations. Here are a few examples of businesses that will benefit from quality commercial pest control.

Stores, restaurants, and other places consumers gather to eat, drink, and shop do not want pests making an appearance. A glimpse of a mouse or cockroach can send consumers running for the doors.

Industrial buildings and distribution centers can also have pest problems. Hotels are another business where pests will negatively affect the bottom line.

Even businesses not open to the public do not want to have a pest infestation. Actually, any type of commercial business will benefit from a commercial pest control company.

How Can Commercial Pest Control Services Help You Save Money?

Pests can cause a lot of financial damage, especially if the problem is left untreated. Inventory is often ruined, either by contamination or destruction. In addition, building interiors and exteriors are susceptible to damage, and the cost of repairs is often prohibitive.

Depending on the type of business, you may face fines. Restaurants, bars, and other eateries may also be forced to shut down until the problem is resolved. Pests also present a health risk to your customers and employees.

Some fines are public information, meaning your customers will know you have a pest problem. It can damage your brand’s reputation, resulting in financial losses. Don’t forget about the costs associated with repairing your business’s reputation.

Investing in pest control for commercial buildings can prevent these and other problems while saving your money.

Three Levels of Commercial Pest Control (Prevention, Suppression, Eradication)

Commercial pest control companies work to achieve one or a combination of goals depending on your unique situation.

The three goals are:

  1. Prevention – to keep pests from becoming a problem
  2. Suppression – reducing the number of pests and the potential damage to an acceptable minimum
  3. Eradication – the process of destroying the pests

Eradicating pests is a goal every commercial business wants to achieve, but it is not always possible. Some situations make it impossible to eliminate the pests without causing irreparable damage to the building, business, or the environment.

For this reason, prevention and suppression are the two goals most pest control companies recommend to their clients.

Choosing a Quality Commercial Pest Control Company in Your Area

Selecting the best commercial pest control company requires a little research. You want a service that is licensed and certified, including its professional staff.

States have varying licensing laws, so you want to ensure the company you select carries the proper certification. Some companies offer services in a specific area. Others might employ a particular method like using commercial pest control sprayers. It’s something to consider if you have a specific pest problem.

A company’s reputation is an excellent way to know if they are worth your time and money. First, check their Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. You don’t want to accidentally choose a service with a C minus rating.

Finally, find out about the methods the pest control company uses. For example, do they perform an inspection before starting the job? Look for a company that offers various treatment methods to ensure they can meet your goals.

How Much Does Pest Control Cost?

Pest control is an investment, but it is worth the expense. How much the service costs depends on a few factors.

The type of pest and the severity of the infestation affects costs. A small problem is more affordable to control than a large one. The size of the building also affects prices.

Another factor that affects overall pest control costs is the methods used to resolve the problem.

Coastal Spray is Your Best Commercial Pest Control Option

Whether you want to prevent a pest problem or resolve an existing one, we are here to help. Since 1980, Coastal Spray has provided pest control services in addition to industrial site maintenance, brush clearingright-of-way maintenance, and aquatic vegetation control with emphasis on safety, environment, and quality.

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