Top 4 Lawn Care Goals for 2023: Preparing for the New Year

lawn care goals

Have you had a beautiful, lush, healthy lawn on your wish list for years? With the new year approaching, it’s time to make good on some of those wishes! Luckily, if you focus on a few areas, you can see great change when you build healthy lawn care habits!

New Year, New Lawn!

Every new year is an opportunity to enact significant, sweeping change. It’s considered to be the time for action to get the results you’ve been hoping for. It’s time for a new year’s resolution that’s easy to keep and gives you immediate gratification.

4 New Year’s Lawn Care Goals & Resolutions

The goal should be realistic but impactful; you want to ensure you can follow through on these new year’s resolutions. Here’s a perfect example of what you should strive for to keep your lawn looking fantastic throughout 2023.

1. Weed Management

Weeds are a major player in the fight over nutrients that are supposed to be for your grass. The unwelcome weeds drain your lawn of resources and quickly outcompete beautiful grass for sunlight, space, and water. Without weed management, you’ll have an unhealthy and unhappy lawn, so it’s one of the more essential lawn care goals for property managers.

You can come at weed management with a two-pronged approach. Start with preventive measures like pre-emergent herbicides. Pre-emergent formulas focus specifically on winter weeds and keep them from sprouting. Post-emergent herbicides work well for spot treatments when everything turns green again.

2. Lawn Aeration

You can think of lawn aeration like a new year’s blank slate for your lawn. It looks like your lawn is being ripped apart, but it’s insanely helpful in breaking up excess thatch and relieving your lawn from being too compacted. Soil compaction can cause an otherwise healthy lawn to suffer, so aerating your lawn once a year is a service you’ll be thankful you made a priority.

It would be best if you aimed to aerate your lawn in the fall, allowing your plant’s roots to grow deeper into the soil. Down there, they’ll find ample nourishment to keep them healthy through the long winter.

lawncare goals

3. Pest Control

Don’t underestimate how quickly insects and other winter pests can devastate gorgeous greenery. There’s a good chance they’ll have “crunch through your beautiful garden” as one of their 2023 resolutions, so you’ll want to be ready. Get out ahead of them and invest in a program that deals with typical yard and lawn pests to keep your lawn healthy.

Lawn pest control is equally important for anyone who works at or resides on the property. Ticks, mosquitoes, and fire ants are all examples of pests that love to hide beneath the thicket, just waiting for someone to pass by so they can ruin their day.

4. Fertilization

It might be hard for some to meet their 2023 goal of going to the gym every day, but that doesn’t mean your lawn can’t still grow big and strong! Fertilizing your grass roughly four times a year yields a verdant lawn that will always impress.

You can easily remember when your lawn needs fertilizer by knowing it needs a boost each season. Schedule the services ahead of time, and it’s like you met one of your lawn care resolutions in one afternoon!

Invest in a Lawn Care Plan from Coastal Spray

What’s so great about these four lawn care goals? They can all be outsourced by professionals that know how to do them perfectly. The Coastal Spray team features those lawn care professionals, and we’re ready to help you meet your 2023 lawn care goals! Contact us today and commit to a healthier lawn in the new year!