Preparing Your Business for Spring Pests

Preparing Your Business for Spring Pests

Spring is when the world begins to thaw, and life returns after a long winter. Unfortunately, that life includes unwanted intruders, who are starting to enjoy the warmer weather and longer days just like the rest of us.

Don’t let your business be their best option – spring is the perfect time to protect yourself from a world of headaches throughout the rest of the year. With our spring pest control tips, you can keep spring pests from springing up in your business!

Get Ready for Spring Pests

Pests will do anything and everything they can to survive and thrive, and that includes making your workspace their home. While each critter provides its own unique set of challenges, some well-thought-out mitigation techniques will help with almost every kind of pest.

Springtime Pest Prevention Best Practices

As we start to inch closer to springtime, you might be getting antsy—pun intended—to prevent a pest infestation. Take control of your pest mitigation effort with some professional pest control tips from the experts! Below, we’ve detailed our most successful and simple pest control tips for spring.

Spring Clean Your Business

Pests have a knack for hiding in clutter or waste, so one of the best ways to prevent pests is with a thorough spring cleaning. It’s also essential because pests might be lying dormant, hiding in plain sight until the warmer weather kicks back up. So take care of them now before they start their siege on your business!

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Check All Points of Entry

Nooks, crannies, cracks, and crevices—the best friends of all sorts of pests! If there’s a way in, you can be sure they’ll find it. Seal up any cracks that might allow intruders past the frontlines.

Check doors, windows, and the building exterior to see if there’s any damage that might let some unsavory guests into your space. As far as the interior, you’ll want to check your light fixtures and HVAC units, as those can often be secret hiding places for all kinds of bugs.

If you see cracks or overlooked hiding spots, fill them and make sure they stay sealed.

Clean Up Your Landscape

Cleaning up your landscape won’t only make your company’s exterior look more appealing; it’ll also help with the pest mitigation effort. Fallen tree branches, debris, and overgrown vegetation are great hiding places or homes for pests.

It’s also best to avoid using too much mulch or planting anything that can produce food. That’s a surefire way to attract pests right to your front door!

Get Rid of Stagnant Water

Remember that saying about April showers? In many parts of the country, spring weather carries humidity and moisture, and the standing water left behind creates a perfect petri dish for pests.

Not only can it cause mold and water damage, but it’s also a literal breeding ground for pesky mosquitoes and other pests. Take control before they have the opportunity to multiply, turning one headache into many headaches!

Improve Waste Management

One man’s trash is a pest’s treasure. Keep this in mind when you’re looking to improve your waste management systems.

Ensure you have lids that fit your trash cans—that’s a mobile home for some critters! And keep any outdoor garbage away from entrances and exits to keep pests from accessing your business easily.

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Implement a Professional Pest Control Program

Above all other spring pest control tips, the golden rule is to get one of our pest control experts involved.

We have the expertise and knowledge to design a commercial pest control plan tailored to your unique needs. So if you’re ever wondering how to move forward, Coastal Spray can keep pests away from your business through spring and throughout the year!

Coastal Spray Keeps Springtime Pests Away

Wouldn’t it be much more simple to have all of the pest control tips for spring rolled into one easy phone call? That’s the experience you’ll have when you work with the pest control authorities at Coastal Spray.

We understand how vital this season is for business owners to protect their workspaces. We stand at the ready to be utilized as your most efficient and affordable tool for pest control and prevention, no matter the season! Contact us today!