The Ultimate Guide to Crane-Assisted Tree Removal

crane tree removal

Do you have an overgrown or oddly shaped tree on your property that needs removing? If so, you may need a crane to cut the trees. Here’s what you need to know about tree removal with a crane.

What is Crane Assisted Tree Removal?

Sometimes a crane is necessary for tree removal. For example, the tree may be growing in a spot that’s hard to reach, or its size and shape require the use of additional equipment. It’s when a crane is brought in to help workers reach the tree and safely remove it from the property.

What is the average crane-assisted tree removal cost?

The cost of crane-assisted tree removal varies by company and project. Using a crane to remove an enormous tree will cost more than taking out a smaller one. Along with the tree’s size, its location also affects the price. You can expect to pay more to remove a tree that is difficult to reach.

Smaller jobs will only cost you a few hundred dollars, while more complex projects with sizable trees can get into the thousands.

What size crane is required to cut trees?

Cranes are measured in tons, but you also have to consider the length of the boom arm. For example, you may only need a 50-ton crane to remove a small tree. However, if the tree is in a place that’s hard to reach, the tree removal service may use a giant 100-ton crane. Removing trees 80 ft and taller may require using a 150 or 180-ton crane.

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Overview of the Crane Tree Removal Process

The crane tree removal process isn’t complicated, but it can look overwhelming. Here’s what to expect when you use a crane to eliminate an unwanted tree.

1. Site Assessment & Planning

The first step in the process is assessing the site and creating a plan. Experts from your tree removal service will inspect the site, checking for access to the tree and looking for the best path for the crane.

Experts will also evaluate the tree’s condition in a tree risk assessment. For example, is it a live or dead specimen, and how are the branches arranged? These are some of the aspects the technicians will look at.

2. Crane Operator & Tree Climber Meeting

Next, the crane operator and tree climber will meet to discuss all aspects of the job. It helps to ensure their safety and yours as the right of way maintenance is performed.

The crane operator will know where the equipment will fit. The tree climber will know potential dangers like dead branches or infestations.

3. Tree Removal Process – Piece by Piece

Once the technicians know how much of the limbs and branches can be safely removed at a time, the cutting begins. The tree cutters must be careful. They don’t overload the crane or risk it tipping over.

Tree cutters will also use different types of rigging for horizontal and vertical branches to ensure everyone’s safety during the ROW maintenance process. As the technician cuts the components, the crane safely lifts the limbs out of the way. The process is repeated until the tree is removed from the site.

crane assisted tree removal

4. Disposal of Logs & Debris

Unless you have other plans for many cut logs and debris, the tree removal company will take care of disposal.

Most companies prefer leaving the logs in one piece. It allows the service to sell the limbs as firewood. Depending on the species, the tree remains may be turned into useable lumber.

Many contractors will also clean up any debris around after the tree and brush removal service.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Crane Tree Service Provider

Professionalism is vital when you are choosing a crane tree service provider. There are inherent dangers associated with using the equipment.

You also want to select a licensed and insured company. It protects yourself and your neighbors in the unlikely event of an accident.

It’s always helpful if the tree removal company has an experienced arborist on the team. An arborist knows exactly what to look for before the cutting begins.

Do your research, and don’t be afraid to compare quotes. Reading consumer reviews can also help you choose the best crane-assisted tree removal company for your project.

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