Commercial Tree Trimming for Your Property Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Commercial Tree Trimmer

Commercial tree trimming and pruning help ensure the landscaping around your business looks its best. This is important for ensuring your guests feel great about your business and letting your employees know that appearance is valued in all aspects of your company.

We’ve discussed this before in our approach to routine landscaping and why it’s good for your business. It bears repeating because safety and company confidence are integral to the success of your business.

Commercial Tree Trimming Isn’t Just About Making Your Business Look Good from The Outside

If you’ve ever been to a restaurant with a dirty dining room, you’ve probably wondered what the kitchen looks like. The outside appearance of your business is a first impression opportunity to show that your company takes pride in what it does. Essentially, well-maintained trees tell the rest of the world you have a well-maintained business.

Do Tree Roots Damage Foundations?

A certified arborist will help monitor the health of your trees in regard to buildings and other structures. Trees that have been left to grow unchecked may have roots that are working their way towards your foundations. This can create damage that is preventable when looked after by our licensed arborists.

While tree roots won’t grow “into” your foundation, they can cause indirect damage over time. Here’s an excerpt from a paper on building appraisals.

“Roots encountering a solid object will divert and follow the course of least resistance, causing no damage. The continuous radial expansion of trunks and structural roots in contact with a structure and a restricted space, however, may exert sufficient pressure to displace heavy structures.”

The author of the study goes on to say, “Indirect damage is caused by the influence of a tree on soil moisture levels of a substrate prone to shrinkage and expansion.”

As Trees Grow in Age and Size, They May Become a Structural Concern

The trees can also become a structural concern if they become infected by a fungus or begin withering away for any other reason. You certainly wouldn’t want to see an old tree fall into one of your buildings, or worse — onto one of your employees!

With weather patterns becoming more sporadic, you could be looking at a situation where an older tree is no longer in a stable environment. This can be due to either increased moisture or drought, depending on the genus of the tree and the soil type you have around your business.

This is another situation where tree trimming for your business is a sound investment.

Commercial Tree Trimming Frequency

Properly timing commercial tree trimming is essential for maintaining healthy and attractive trees on your commercial property. Consider the following factors when determining the frequency of tree trimming:

Seasonal Considerations

  • Spring: Spring is often an ideal time for commercial tree trimming as it allows for the removal of winter damage and promotes healthy growth.
  • Fall: Trimming in the fall helps prepare trees for winter and encourages robust spring growth.
  • Avoid Trimming in Extreme Heat: Summer months with scorching temperatures should be avoided for trimming, as it can stress trees.

Regular vs. One-Time Trimming

  • Regular Trimming: Establishing a routine trimming schedule, typically every 2-3 years, can help maintain tree health and prevent overgrowth.
  • One-Time Trimming: If trees are significantly overgrown or have specific issues, a single industrial landscaping session may be sufficient to address immediate concerns.

Remember that the optimal trimming frequency may vary depending on tree species, location, and overall property goals. Consulting with professional arborists can help determine the most suitable commercial trimming schedule for your property’s trees.

Commercial Tree Trimmer

DIY vs. Professional Tree Trimming

When it comes to commercial tree pruning and trimming for your property, the decision between a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach and hiring professional services should be made carefully. While DIY tree trimming may seem cost-effective, it comes with its risks. Professionals have the expertise, specialized equipment, and safety knowledge to do the job correctly.

Incorrect pruning or trimming can damage trees, create safety hazards, and potentially result in expensive repairs. In contrast, commercial tree trimming ensures the health, aesthetics, and safety of your property’s trees while saving you time and worry.

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Tree limbs and branches can grow towards and interfere with electrical, cable, and other vital lines attached to your business. Pruning the trees around your warehouses and buildings will help prevent damage to utility poles, wires, and electrical grids. The commercial tree trimming process should only be done by professionals with the proper safety training and insurance.

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