5 Reasons to Hire a Commercial Tree Pruning Company

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Whether your landscaping trees need pruning for aesthetic reasons or removing storm damage, it’s always best to work with a tree pruning company. Commercial tree pruning companies are familiar with safety procedures. Incorrectly pruning large branches can lead to accidents. It can also damage the health of the tree, sometimes beyond repair.

Tree Pruning: What You Need to Know

When it’s time to start looking at tree pruning companies, here’s what you need to know and expect from working with a professional arborist.

How much does tree pruning cost?

Tree pruning costs often vary. The size of the tree, its location, and the amount of pruning all affect the price.

Most commercial tree pruning companies will provide estimates to give you a general idea of the cost. Others have set prices for specific services that may apply to your pruning needs.  

What is the best time for pruning trees?

The best time for pruning trees is in the winter and early spring, typically from November through March. Most trees are dormant in the winter, so they can put energy into healing the wound.

It’s also easier to prune deciduous trees in the winter when the leaves are gone. Professionals from the tree pruning company can easily see where the cuts need to be made. It can also result in lower tree pruning costs.

Homeowners in colder climates with heavy winter freezes may want to wait until early spring to prune their trees. Then, there’s less risk of damage from frost in the wounds where the branches are removed.

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5 Benefits of Hiring a Tree Pruning Company

Working with a tree pruning company comes with several benefits. Some are obvious, while others may surprise you. Here are a few advantages to working with a professional arborist.

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1. Promotes Healthy Tree Growth

Working with a commercial tree pruning service ensures branches are safely and effectively removed, allowing the tree to quickly and easily.

The professionals also know how to avoid issues with topping. It refers to over-pruning the tree, which can prevent future growth and significantly shorten its lifespan.

A tree pruning company knows how much growth to remove to ensure optimal foliage and your tree’s health.

2. Nips Problems in the Bud

Broken and dead branches can affect the health of the tree. Likewise, diseased limbs can infect the rest of the tree. You may also have problems with infestations when you forego regular pruning.

With a simple tree assessment, pruning allows you to take care of potential issues before they become serious problems. It can also be more cost-effective than trying to save a damaged or diseased tree.

3. Controls Liability Risks

Both commercial and residential properties can be liable for any damage caused by falling branches. In addition, damaged and diseased limbs can weaken and drop, damaging buildings, vehicles, and even individuals walking or standing nearby.

Pruning removes any weak or diseased branches, helping to ensure the safety of the property.

4. Boosts Curb Appeal & Property Value

Unpruned trees often have irregular shapes or leafless branches that detract from the property’s curb appeal. Unkept trees can also lower property values for you and your neighbors. After all, no one wants to live next to a tree that looks like it is dying.

Landscaping provides customers with their first impressions of a business. Don’t you want customers to see healthy trees instead of sickly ones with bare and diseased branches?

5. Saves Money Long-Term

Tree pruning costs are significantly lower when you have the branches trimmed regularly. In addition, you can stay on top of potential issues like infestations and diseases that can be expensive to treat. Stay proactive and avoid infestations with industrial pest control services.

You can also save on equipment costs. It takes more than an ordinary pair of clippers to trim a tree properly. Some of the equipment you need often includes expensive saws and ladders.

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Regularly pruning your trees has multiple advantages, including reducing safety risks on the property. It also improves the health and appearance of the tree.

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