Which Pest Control Method Is Right for Your Business?

what is the most common method of pest control

The presence of pests is unpleasant in any environment, but it can be especially troubling for your business. Some pests create deeper sanitary issues in addition to presenting an alarming sight that will chase your customers away. Learn more about how you can keep your business pest-free all year long.

4 Types of Pest Control Methods

The four main types of pest control methods include the following:

1.    Physical Pest Control Methods

One particularly cost-effective form of pest control is physical control, which involves catching or killing pests outright. Once you have done so, you can remove or dispose of them to prevent future infestations. Popular equipment for physically eliminating pests includes bait traps, outdoor perimeter traps, and field burning, which eliminates a large infestation prior to planting crops.

2.    Chemical Pest Control Methods

The most common method of pest control, when it comes to hiring a professional pest removal service, is the use of chemical agents (such as pesticides) to kill the bugs and their eggs. In the past, chemical pest control methods involved the use of compounds that could be unhealthy for people and their pets, but today, there are safer and more eco-friendly options that work similarly to chemical agents.

3.    Biological Pest Control Methods

Biological control methods involve the use of animals or plants to keep pests away or under control. For example, having a cat on-site can help control rodents on the property, and if you have a mosquito problem, planting citronella or lavender will help repel them.

4.    Cultural/Preventative Pest Control Methods

A certain type of pest control method that’s receiving more attention is the recommendation of lifestyle changes. Transfer cereals to sealable plastic containers, surround outdoor gathering areas with mesh screens, and keep trash receptacles covered. These steps will eliminate the odors and sights that attract pests.

What Is the Most Common Method of Pest Control for Business Owners?

Integrated pest management (IPM) combines all of the previously mentioned pest control methods into a single, comprehensive strategy, making it the best option for controlling pest infestations, as it attacks the problem at its source in several different ways.

types of pest control methods

Primarily, integrated pest management requires looking at the ways in which your business allows pests to thrive. Once you recognize these problem areas, you can take the necessary steps to make your commercial or industrial property less hospitable for pests. Often, IPM eliminates or reduces the need to spray pesticides on your property.


Begin by setting traps around your business and at key locations inside your establishment. You should also find out how pests are gaining access to your business and eliminate those points of entry, be that by repairing a roof, caulking window gaps, or installing a self-closing door.


The type of business you operate will determine which biological pest control agents you can use. If you own a farm, for instance, it might make sense to keep cats and other predatory animals on the property. However, those options might not be appropriate for a store or restaurant. In those types of businesses, certain potted plants can inconspicuously ward off pests.


When you own a business, it’s important to incorporate proactive pest control practices into your company’s policies. For example, installing a card swipe system at key entry points will improve security while also ensuring your employees keep those doors closed. Consider assigning someone to keep your bathrooms and break rooms clean as well.


When you use a combination of physical, biological, and cultural pest control methods, your need for chemical pest control methods will be significantly reduced. Since your business will be less hospitable for pests, infestations are far less likely.

When it is necessary to use pesticides, though, the commercial pest control company you bring in can help you determine which chemical agents are best for the type of business you operate and how to remove pests while protecting the health and safety of your employees and customers.

Keep Pests Under Control with Coastal Spray

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