Why Mosquito Fogging for Businesses is Important

You may believe that mosquitoes at your workplace are a necessary evil, especially if your business is located near water or a forest area. Fortunately, this is not the case. Mosquito fogging is a treatment that will free your workplace from mosquitoes and provide relief for you, your employees, customers and vendors. But mosquito control is not just about eliminating a nuisance. Here are five more important reasons why mosquito fogging will benefit your business.

Protect Your Employees and Customers from Mosquito-Borne Diseases

With the rise of international travel, diseases that were once limited to other continents are now a common occurrence in the United States and many are predominantly spread by mosquitoes. These diseases can be caused by viruses called arboviruses or by tiny parasites.

Some of the more notorious arboviruses include the West Nile Virus, the Eastern Equine Encephalitis, dengue and yellow fever. They can cause extreme discomfort and severe complications, in some cases even death. By fogging your business premises you will be protecting your employees, customers and vendors. You don’t need to worry about side effects; the mosquito fogging process is safe for people and doesn’t involve the use of harmful chemicals.

Increase productivity

It can be very hard to focus on important tasks when you can hear a mosquito near your ear and feel your skin itching. Every time your employees stop to deal with a buzzing noise or sore bite, they need to switch between tasks and take longer to complete what has to be done for the smooth running of your business. Studies show that task-switching can result in as much as 40% loss of productivity. Most modern workplaces are already experiencing more than enough disruptions and yours is probably not an exception. With mosquito fogging, at least one threat to your productivity can be easily avoided.

Ensure workplace safety

Keeping your employees healthy and safe from mosquito-borne diseases is only one side of workplace safety. Interruptions caused by mosquitoes can also cause injury or damage if your workers need to concentrate while performing potentially dangerous activities. Imagine operating heavy machinery or executing work that requires precision, while using all your willpower to ignore a mosquito buzzing in your ear! You probably won’t be able to do it well all day long. Mosquito fogging will create a much safer work environment for this type of work and your employees won’t be unnecessarily distracted.

Build better relationship

Relationships can make or break your business, and building good relationships takes time and effort. If you have customers and vendors coming into your business premises, you want them to stay there for as long as it takes to negotiate contracts, make important buying decisions or simply get to know each other. Most people will avoid spending any longer than necessary in a place with a lot of mosquitoes. And while suppliers may stick around hoping to get a good deal, customers won’t — if they can buy from a business where they won’t get bitten, that’s exactly what they’ll do. Treating your premises for mosquitoes will ensure that you can have lengthy, comfortable interactions.

Show that you care

By investing in mosquito fogging for your business, you’re providing a safe, comfortable environment for your staff, customers and visitors. You’re not just talking about caring. You’re showing that you care and that your people matter to you.