The Importance of Pipeline Right-of-Way Clearing

pipeline right of way clearing maintenance

Right-of-way clearing is a necessary process that must be done before any pipeline construction or development can take place. It is essential to ensure the safety of people and property and to prevent costly delays in projects. At Coastal Spray, ensuring the public safety and the integrity of your pipeline is our top priority. By understanding the importance of pipeline right-of-way maintenance, we can ensure that our projects are completed safely and on schedule.

Right-of-Way Clearing and Pipeline Integrity

The integrity of your pipeline may be compromised without proper right-of-way clearing. Trees located near the pipeline may wreak havoc as roots can wrap around and damage the protective coating. Tree roots are drawn to the moisture and warmth of pipelines, and abnormal and excessive root formations have been found on or near underground pipelines.

It’s not just the trees you have to worry about. Certain brush and shrubbery may have similar effects.

Your workers and contractors need easy access to the pipelines during urgent events. However, in the event of a release, it is not always possible to quickly clear away trees in order to perform emergency maintenance or repairs. This is where preventative and proactive right-of-way clearing pays dividends.

pipeline right of way clearing maintenance

With clear access to your pipelines, you can do routine landscape maintenance and repairs more safely and efficiently.

Why Is Pipeline Right of Way Clearing Necessary?

Pipeline right-of-way clearing is a process that helps ensure the safety and efficiency of pipelines by removing any potential hazards from their surrounding areas. This process involves clearing away trees, shrubs, and other vegetation that could potentially interfere with pipeline operations. The benefits of this process include the following:

  • Improved Safety – Pipeline right-of-way clearing ensures that the pipeline infrastructure can operate safely and efficiently without any risks to the environment, the public, or the pipeline itself.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact – Vegetation removal can be done in an environmentally friendly way that does not harm the surrounding ecosystem. This ensures that the impact of the pipeline installation on the environment is minimized. Furthermore, clearing the right of way reduces the amount of land disturbed during installation, which is beneficial for conservation efforts.
  • Increased Productivity – When the right of way is cleared, it provides easier access to the pipeline for maintenance and repair work. This makes it easier for workers to access the pipeline and complete their tasks, which translates to increased productivity.
  • Cost Savings – When the right of way is cleared, it reduces the amount of time and resources required to install the pipeline. This translates to lower costs of operation, which is ideal for companies that want to keep their expenses low. Additionally, removing trees and other vegetation from the right of way reduces the likelihood of damage to the pipeline in the future, which ultimately saves repair costs.
  • Improved Accessibility – By removing vegetation and other potential hazards, workers are able to move more easily along the pipeline, saving time on the job site.

Additionally, brush and land clearing can help reduce the risk of pipeline accidents or damage due to external hazards.

Visual Cues Help Deter Accidental Pipeline Releases

A clear pipeline right-of-way is a visual marker for the public. It alerts the general public to the presence of an underground pipeline and helps to prevent unauthorized excavation or development near the pipeline.

According to a survey, 34.9 million Americans will put themselves at risk by digging on their property. This includes ranchers, farmers, and other large property owners who’ve contracted landscaping or excavating projects. This process is critical for any development project, from building roads to constructing homes and businesses.

Properly marking your lines and having a well-maintained clear pipeline right-of-way will add another layer of accident prevention.

pipeline right of way clearing

Discover Coastal Spray’s Right-of-Way Clearing Services

Clearing the right-of-way involves removing trees, shrubs, and other obstacles from the path of a proposed project. Protect your pipeline’s integrity and the general public’s safety with Coastal Spray’s right-of-way maintenance services. We offer:

  • Mechanical Maintenance
  • Rights-of-Way Vegetation Control
  • Selective Right-of-Way Chemical Control
  • Chemical Side Trimming

We can also provide the vegetation clearance equipment necessary for your specialized industrial mowing needs:

  • Articulated Slope Mowers
  • Marshmaster with Mowing Attachments
  • Flail Mounted Mowing Decks

Our approach to commercial land clearing is based on your needs and the natural landscape where your pipeline is located. We use the highest quality equipment and various application methods to minimize environmental impact.

Contact us online or give us a call at (866) 392-2144 to find out how we can help you ensure the integrity of your pipeline.