Essential Landscape Maintenance Guide for Business Owners

commercial landscape maintenance

Your landscaping gives your customers their first impressions of your business. However, keeping your landscaping green and healthy throughout the year also takes a lot of work. Landscape maintenance should be done regularly, but what does it entail?

The Ultimate Commercial Landscape Maintenance Checklist

Most business owners employ landscape maintenance services to keep their greenery looking its best. Here’s what you should expect from a landscaping services company.


Weekly or bi-monthly mowing improves the health of your lawn. It also helps keep your landscaping looking neat. Overgrown grass can send the wrong message to your clients.

Most types of turf grass are healthiest when mowed to a specific length. It’s something industrial landscaping services are familiar with. For example, Bermuda grass is most beneficial when cut to about two inches. St. Augustine grass is green and healthy when its size doesn’t exceed four inches.

Weed Control

Weeds are a problem in almost every type of landscaping. Fortunately, commercial landscape maintenance services include controlling and preventing weed growth using a multi-faceted vegetation removal approach.

The process begins with hand-weeding, ensuring the weed’s entire root system is completely removed. A layer of mulch commonly follows applications of a pre-emergent herbicide in the spring and winter. A post-emergent herbicide treats weeds that sprout during the growing season.


Perennials, annuals, shrubs, trees, and grass all thrive with regular fertilizing, especially during the growing season.

Different plants have varying nutrient requirements, so it’s always best to rely on a commercial landscape maintenance service. For example, roses prefer a nitrogen-rich fertilizer, while annuals often thrive with balanced plant food.

Trimming and Pruning

Landscape maintenance includes trimming ornamental trees and garden shrubs. The amount of growth removed from the plant depends on the variety. Most shrubs only need a few inches of uneven development removed. Other species, like Spirea, are cut back to the ground. 

Pruning trees encourages healthy growth. It can also help prevent diseases and pests from damaging the tree. Most tree pruning occurs in the fall or winter. It is less stressful for the tree and prepares them for healthy growth in the spring.

Knowing when and how much growth to remove is crucial for the health of the plants. It’s why the task is best left to professional landscaping services.

landscape maintenance

Pest Management

Pests are a common problem in any type of landscaping. Aphids, beetles, spider mites, and grubs are a few of the insects you need industrial pest control services to eradicate.

Practicing proper plant health care measures involves watering in the morning. It prevents moisture on the leaves from attracting insects. Fertilizing plants does more than encourage healthy growth; it also helps keep plants healthy and able to resist pests and diseases.

Irrigation and Drainage

Businesses using drip irrigation systems find it easier to keep plants watered and healthy throughout the year. This is because the irrigation systems automatically water the plants and lawns according to a programmed schedule. As a result, business owners do not need to spend hours a week hand watering their landscaping. However, drip irrigation systems require routine maintenance from a professional service.

Industrial irrigation services also handle drainage. They will ensure proper plant drainage to prevent overwatering and issues with minor flooding.

Seasonal Clean-Ups

Seasonal clean-ups typically occur in the spring and fall. For example, trees and shrubs are trimmed in the spring, fertilizer is applied, and a fresh layer of mulch goes into the garden beds. Leaves and other debris from the winter are also removed to give your landscaping a new, well-tended appearance.

Fall clean-ups also involve removing garden debris before laying down fresh mulch. The layer of mulch helps protect the plant’s root system from hard winter freezes. Landscaping and brush removal is a must for commercial business owners.

Make Your Life Easier & Hire A Landscape Maintenance Company

A lot of work goes into landscape maintenance, especially at the commercial level. It’s why most business owners turn to a commercial landscape service.

Partnering with professionals does more than free up your time; it also helps ensure your landscaping always looks its best. After all, your landscaping often gives your customers their first impressions of your business.

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