The Business Owner’s Guide to Commercial Weed Control

commercial weed control

Business owners who do not rely on commercial weed control services often have problems with their lawns. Keeping weeds under control is often a year-round job that requires expertise. Not only do you need to know how much weed control product to use, but also what type to buy. Using the wrong product, or too much, can leave you with brown or dead grass.

Why Commercial Weed Control Services Are Essential for a Healthy Lawn

Using a professional service to control weeds is essential for a healthy lawn. In addition, the professionals can access commercial-grade products you will not find at your local garden or home improvement center.

Preserves Grass

Some weed killers sold in stores are banned in other countries due to their toxic ingredients. It’s not something businesses want on their lawns. It can put employees and customers in contact with hazardous chemicals.

Using a professional weed control and lawn service, you can avoid coming in potential contact with harmful chemicals. The professionals have access to products that are safe for humans and animals. These products effectively control weeds, allowing your grass to grow lush and green.

Long-Term Results

Professional weed control products produce long-term results. The products are often time-released, meaning you do not need to reapply as often. You can also avoid the issues that often come up with store-brought weed killers, like irritated skin, when you come into contact with the product.

Some store-bought weed control products can also kill surrounding plants and trees.

Seasonal Treatments

Your lawn care needs vary seasonally, beginning in the spring. Commercial weed control involves using the right product at the correct time. Partnering with the professionals ensures the grass receives the proper treatment for the season to keep weeds from growing and the turf green throughout the year.

Professional Soil Testing

Ignoring the soil can result in issues with pests, diseases, and algae. These can damage your lawn, leaving behind brown or bare patches.

The professionals will use the right combination of fertilizers and weed control products to prevent pests, diseases, and algae from becoming a problem. They can also send samples of your soil for testing, so you know precisely what steps are necessary to keep your lawn healthy.

Aesthetic Landscaping

The grass is more than a ground cover; it adds to the overall aesthetics of the business. When your lawn is brown, has bare patches, or is covered with weeds, it can give your business a negative first impression.

Professional weed control services will customize your lawn’s treatments to meet its specific needs. There’s nothing to do except enjoy how great your property looks from every angle.

commercial weed control services

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Things to Consider When Shopping for Commercial Weed Control Services

Not all professional weed control and lawn service companies are equal. Before partnering with one, consider the following.

  • Research local companies to compare experience, cost, and services offered.
  • Check the company’s reputation. Google and the BBB are good references.
  • To check the company’s experience, find out how long they have been in business.
  • Review the quote to ensure it covers the services you need, and question if any are extra.
  • Ask if the contractor offers maintenance services. Weed control is often a year-round job.
  • Find out if the contractor is insured. Accidents can happen even with weed control. You do not want your business liable if an injury or property damage occurs.
  • Make sure the contractor and staff are familiar with the various types of weeds and control products.

Invest in Coastal Spray Weed Control Services for Your Business

Controlling weeds is almost a full-time job; it’s why businesses often turn to the experts. Coastal Spray offers professional weed control services to keep your property healthy and free from weeds. In addition, our team is experienced in industrial pest control services, right-of-way maintenance, tree assessments, tree pruning, and brush clearing services.

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