Clearing Land in Texas: What You Need to Know

clearing land in texas

The first step toward developing any plot of land is to clear it. As that is a complex and physically strenuous process, you can better prepare by knowing what your particular project involves. 

Clearing Land on Texas Properties

You probably understand that Texas land clearing entails removing visible obstacles, such as trees and brush. It also involves addressing underground obstacles, such as the roots of trees and plants.

Land Clearing Preparations

You’ll work more efficiently when clearing land if you plan your project in advance, and that planning must involve making sure you can legally clear the land and finding someone to help you get the job done.

Create a Budget and Plan

Each time you buy a new tool or supplies for a project, you’re increasing how much you spend on the project. It’s best to set a spending limit for yourself and develop a plan that will help you stay under that limit. If you intend to clear the land yourself, you’ll spend more buying or renting equipment to do so. As such, many people prefer to hire a company that offers brush and land clearing services.

Obtain the Necessary Permits

Check with your city to determine whether soil erosion, historical value, or ecological issues will prevent you from clearing land. If you’re working with a contractor, they can help you obtain the required permits.

Hire a Land Clearing Company

Most companies charge a fee based on the square footage of your land. The fees that the type of company charges will be less than the amount you would spend in clearing the land yourself, but still make sure you know each company’s rates and what services those rates include.

The Land Clearing Process: Start to Finish

A Texas land clearing company will follow a basic plan for getting the work done that includes the following steps:

Site Preparation

Evaluate the plot to determine the types of obstacles you will have to remove. It may involve vegetation clearance and other types of foliage, but knowing what objects will need removal ahead of time will help you gather the right equipment for the job.

Tree and Brush Removal

You may not want to remove every tree and shrub on the property. If that is the case, use color-coded ribbons to determine which trees and brush are clear for removal and which should remain.

texas land clearing

Stump Grinding and Removal

You can either grind a leftover stump until it’s level with the ground or remove it entirely. When removing stumps, however, it’s best to have professionals perform the service for you to avoid disrupting power, sewage, and water lines.

Right-of-Way Clearing

Right-of-way maintenance involves following a prepared path set for clearing the land. Clearing land section by section will give you more room to work as you proceed.

Grading the Land

Grading involves leveling the soil by filling in holes and gaps that you left behind by the clearing process. It is a process that requires adding more soil, so you will need a healthy supply of purchased soil to rely on.

Common Land Clearing Techniques

The most commonly used methods for commercial land clearing include the following:

Cutting and Grinding

These two processes involve the use of handheld tools and heavy machinery to cut down trees and foliage. The debris can be deposited into a grinding machine to make it easier to remove, or you can save the ground debris to use as mulch.

Pushing Over

A bulldozer or backhoe pushes trees over, which can either then be sold or processed on-site.


Pulling involves securing a tree with chains and then using a tractor to pull the tree out of the ground until it falls.

Piling and Burning

Use any of the aforementioned methods to initially cut or pull down trees and the surrounding brush. Afterward, you’ll pile everything together and burn it in a controlled fire, which, of course, involves taking steps to ensure the fire doesn’t spread.

The Best Time of Year for Texas Land Clearing

Although spring is typically regarded as the best time to complete most landscaping projects, the best time of year to clear land is actually during winter. The cold weather freezes and hardens the ground, which provides better support for large equipment and makes it easier to cut through the brush.

The Importance of Working with an Experienced Professional

Coastal Spray can help you clear your land while adhering to high standards for safety, quality, and environmentalism. In addition, our team is experienced in professional tree assessmentsbrush clearing services, crane tree removal, tree pruning, and commercial landscaping in Houston.

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